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Cleansing is a safe, easy and healthy way to bring your mind, body, and spirit back to life. It’s simple to get started, and you’ll find the benefits are endless the more you explore the world of organic juice cleansing! Doing a juice cleanse has been said to help unleash the natural healing power of your body by ridding built-up toxins. Juicing floods your system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants. It may be the first step toward a long-lasting lifestyle change, or jumpstarting a weight-loss regimen by helping to retrain your taste buds as well as psychological connection to food. Rejuv juice cleanses are packed with so much delicious goodness, you'll never believe something so healthy can be so satisfying.


This one-day, six organic juice cleanse is a quick reset for your system. Many people make this a monthly ritual!


Take your cleansing to the next level with this 3-day major toxin flush! This option includes 18 organic juices.


For the ultimate detox, try our five-day option! We salute you, cleanser. This option includes 30 organic juices.

Each day your cleanse will consist of:

#1 - Kale | Cucumber | Celery | Apple | Lemon | Ginge

#2 - Beet | Carrot | Orange | Lemon

#3 - Orange | Carrot | Turmeric | Ginger

#4 - Green apple | Pineapple | Spinach | Ginger | Celery

#5 - Grapefruit | Orange | Lemon | Ginger | Cayenne

#1 - Kale | Cucumber | Celery | Apple | Lemon | Ginger

Consume an 8oz juice every two hours, drinking 6-8oz of water in between each juice   


* Drink 6-8oz of water between each juice.

* Pre-cleanse and post-cleanse with raw fruits and vegetables

* Avoid caffeine, alcoholic beverages, smoking, and drugs


* Eliminate certain foods beforehand, dairy and any processed food products are a great place to start! 

* Consider a massage or reflexology

* Dry skin brush before shower or detox bath with Epsom salt and baking soda

* Refrain from rigorous work-outs

* Treat yourself to a good book or journal

* Rest. rest. and more rest 

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