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About Rejuv


We specialize in cold-pressed juices, cleanses, smoothies, longevity bowls, and superfoods as well as offering raw food and all plant-based diet.

What sets us apart?

Our cold-pressed, juices, nut milk and cleanses are made with organic greens, fruits, and vegetables. All produce is washed with 11.0 Kangan water, removing any dirt or contaminates. Our juicing system grinds then cold presses the produce, which protects and preserves the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. No heat is involved. Our raw juice is bottled as quickly as possible to maintain freshness and nutrient density. We keep our freshly pressed juice in a refrigerated vat to preserve juice until hand bottled. 


Why Choose Us?

Our juice has just a 72hr shelf life - cold-pressed, organic and individually made with love!


You can be assured you're getting the freshest most nutritious juice out there. All our vegan and superfoods are made fresh, in-house, using the finest ingredients   

Not just a diet

The owners and founders of Rejuv have a passion for natural health and healing. The difference is that it can be a lifestyle. What you eat from this day forward can have tremendous health benefits. Juicing is a great way to consume fresh fruits and vegetables; natural, fresh and unrefined.

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