Wellness Providers

At Rejuv, we are more than just juice. We are wellness too! Check out some of the wellness providers located inside of our Rejuv Juice bar

Daizha Petersma

Veer Skin

Specializing in Cosmetic laser and skin care treatments.

 Whether it’s anti-aging, rejuvenating, clearing or treating dermatological issues, we can help you love the skin your in!


(682) 710 - 3063

Gen Gamez

Genesis Colon Care

Genoveva (Gen) a I-ACT (certified colon hydrotherapist)

has been practicing as a colon hydrotherapist for 9 years, working with hundreds of clients and has been blessed to be doing what she loves.



(469) 537 - 3178

Lisa Kiltz, MA,BS,RDH

Arise Wellness Solutions

We are proud to offer the World's #1 Bioenergetic Testing System.  Lisa is a Certified MSA Practitioner and her background includes a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, Bachelor of Science & Biology, Clinical Pastoral Education, Social Services, and Clinical Care.



(817) 456 - 2511

Terry L. Dutton B.S. Ph. T

Advanced Biostructural Correction

Terry Dutton is an Advanced Biostructural Practioner that’s been in the alternative holistic field for 38 years. ABC is a non-chiropractic method of spinal correction that specializes in meningeal release (a releasing of scare tissue and adhesions along the spine due to trauma), helps to improve posture and restores proper curvatures in the spine. 

Business cell (817) 480-6344

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